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Sustainable Development


(Societal Responsibility of Enterprises)

La Maison Metsens defends the positive idea that development is sustainable if it is beneficial for everyone. Therefore, we are committed to the daily creation of economic, ecological, and social value.

For our clients


Health and food safety are our top priorities : our rigorous processes (traceability and daily testing of foodstuff) and team training offer a maximum of pleasure in total safety. Furthermore, our chefs create healthy, nutritionally-balanced recipes with cooking methods which preserve the nutritional qualities and limit fat, salt, and sugar intake. We take special requests for cuisine which is gluten-free, allergen-free, etc.

“ Plant-based ” cuisine presents multiple health benefits while limiting environmental impact and pressure on animals, which is why La Maison Metsens is committed to significantly reinforcing the use of vegetables, herbs, and plants in our cuisine. We propose creative vegetarian and vegan receptions.

Taste and creativity : we select fresh food with delicate flavors, such as seasonal fruits and vegetables ripened on the vine, bush, or tree and therefore local. We systematically watch over the quality and diversity of products and look for those grown organically.

Proud of contributing to a better world : La Maison Metsens is proud of our responsible commitment and hopes to share this commitment with our clients. By confiding us with your reception, you are contributing to a better world and supporting our ambition to do good for the environment and for the women and men of our area.

For our teams

Better work conditions and ongoing skill development : flexible work schedules, ergonomically adapted equipment, and professional development are just some of the actions taken in the name of professionalism and well-being of our collaborators.

Permanent employment : while the career of caterer/reception planner calls for temporary employment, La Maison Metsens also operates in the community sector to offer permanent employment contracts to our chefs.

Job placement : several positions have been assigned to individuals from the Marseille area distanced from the work world.
> Since 2015, the voluntary approach in favor of human resources (well-being, diversity, skills) is recognized by the label Emplit’ude.

We support the Global Compact

By signing the United Nations Global Compact, an initiative that encourages businesses to adopt a socially responsible attitude. The organizations undertake to respect several principles relating to human rights, labor standards, respect for the environment and the fight against corruption.

For our producers and suppliers


Stability and growth : La Maison Metsens enjoys a relationship based on trust with our major suppliers in order to support the continued existence of their business.

Support of local industries : place the figures 14% suppliers—purchase at less than 200 kilometers.

Reinforcement of producers committed to organic agriculture : to enrich our recipes, we regularly look for producers and industries dedicated to organic agriculture.

For our region and its inhabitants


The vitality of our local values : with our cuisine, and our choice of ingredients and suppliers, we are careful to honor the values of our region and to help support its economy.

Support of the association sector : La Maison Metsens is committed to numerous associations to help them organize prestigious special events (e.g. Starry Terraces in favor of the Red Cross, and Women of the Economy).

Aid for the disadvantaged : since 2018, La Maison Metsens has been committed to redistributing non-consumed food supplies to charity organizations. This action also serves in the fight against wasting food.

For the planet, and for our children and grandchildren


Environmental conservation : we lead numerous actions within this perspective—preferred use of local food networks, provision of ecologically-sound services, use of biodegradable containers (80% of giftboxes made from recycled or biodegradable packaging), use of seasonal products, optimization of delivery routes, and choice of eco-certified products (FSC fish and organics).

Limiting planetary impact : by emphasizing plant-based supplies in our cuisine, we contribute to reducing the use of resources. In fact, vegetables, flowers, fruits and legumes have a very small environmental impact compared to meat. For example, 1 kg of beef requires 15,000 liters of water compared to only 350 liters for 1 kg of carrots.

Waste recovery : La Maison Metsens sorts our packaging waste directly on-site and works with another company to create jobs collecting and recycling cardboard, paper, glass, and plastic.

Hands-on production in Allauch : in 2018 we launched a production test of vegetables and aromatic herbs in an aquaponic greenhouse. We plan a large-scale deployment after the final stage of this test.

Look for details of our commitments and RSE (Societal Responsibility of Enterprises) actions under “Progress Communications.”

In 2018, an evaluation of our RSE approach was conducted by an independent third party and an action plan was established.

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